Mixology Clothing

Digital Advertising, Programmatic Advertising, Story Ads for the Web


When Covid hit in 2020 Mixology was unfortunately forced to temporarily shut down their 12 Beautiful Stores across the North East. Knowing they needed to make a rapid shift they asked TapSocial to help explore new strategies for reaching their audience online, and across the web.

What we've done

1. Designed New Creatives for Advertising

2. 40+ High Impact Animated Creatives

3. Story Ads for the Web

4. Implemented 1st Programmatic Advertising Campaign

5. Applied Smart Retargeting

6. Introduced Machine Learning

Quote from the client

"TapSocial was a huge help when we needed to shift our Ecommerce strategy during the pandemic. They significantly increased our ROAS while helping us learn more about our customers and the brands they love most. We’re already looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future!”"

- Ben Cohen - Head of Marketing - Mixology


  • $41,300+ in Revenue!
  • 8X ROAS!
  • 40+ High Impact Animated Creatives
  • Detailed analytics and insights on consumers interests
  • Unique Data on the Brands customers were searching.

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